Psychology Office


Legal Psychology

Legal Psychology

· Guardianship and custody.
· Harassment at work.
· Incapacitation.
· Assessment of psychological damage.
· Assessment of cognitive abilities.
Assessment of the person’s current mental state.
· Other.

Expert reports in the field of:

· Family law.
· Civil law.
· Criminal law.
· Labour law.

Organisational Psychology

Personnel selection: We have designed a selection and assessment system that allows us to adapt to each one of your needs and thus to the right price.

· Analysis and description of the job position.
· Elaboration of the candidate’s profile.
· Recruitment.
· Pre-selection of candidates.
· Interviews.
· Administration of tests.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical sessions for adults and children and young people for the treatment of various problems such as:

· Depression.
· Anxiety.
· Periods of crisis.
· Self-esteem problems.
· Stress.
· Couples therapy.
· Other.

Clinical reports are also drawn up with the aim of gathering brief information about the reason for the consultation, as well as the psychological evaluation and the suggested treatment in each case, in those cases, we provide the patient with this information and allow communication with other professionals if the patient requires it.